One year blogging: New beginnings?

Posted on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

So on Friday 17th July 2015, it was exactly one year since I started a blog!

If someone would've told me the things I'd accomplished in my gap year since then, I wouldn't have believed them...

It's quite appropriate that I've hit this milestone 'cause I've now decided to start a YouTube channel WOOHOO!

YouTube is the place where I discovered the first 'online influencers' (back in '08). It's also fuelled my interest in fashion, been a source of entertainment, and much more.

I've also met my favourite YouTubers like a gazillion times!

After going to Beautycon, (see here), it hit me that I've been so invested in the YouTube community but don't have a channel myself...? So after some 'planning', two holidays and the arrival of my MacBook Pro (i.e. iMovie), I'm FINALLY publishing my first video!

Will I still be blogging?

YES! Although I will now be publishing weekly videos, I'll still be blogging alongside that. Some of those posts may be videos, depending on the context! I'll also be posting more Photography/Creative Direction things on here. But, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it goes...

And finally, if you haven't already, SUBSCRIBE! :-) And stay tuned for for more content...

P.S. Allow the awkwardness in this video, I'm still adjusting to this whole 'talking to a camera in your bedroom' kind of thing haha.

So kids, those are my two summer creative projects - my pop-up shop and my YouTube channel. Unique to interning, but still fun, creative and DIFFERENT - which is what I desired for the end of my gap year...

Until next time,

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