Made for Moda Styling

Posted on Friday, 31 July 2015

I recently did a shoot styling the Made for Moda Distressed Denim bag.

I decided to style the bag with one of Shope Delano's denim TWOOSIEs! As Made for Moda products are 'designed to complement your favourite outfits', I thought I'd pair the two together as an example of how you can wear the bag.

Photography: Amy Schouwenburg (Twitter, Tumblr)
Styling/Creative Direction/Modelling: Rebecca Cofie

However, if you're not feeling the 'denim on denim' look, I also styled the bag with a more casual/festival-y outfit which you can view on the Made for Moda blog.

If you want to get this look, the bag is available to buy on our Etsy shop :-)

Until next time!

P.S Stay tuned for the next Made for Moda design (coming very soon!)

3 Summer Outfits

Posted on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A few weeks ago, I went to the South of France - as seen in this post!

Whilst I was there, I filmed a few OOTDs. Therefore, I've compiled a short video showcasing these outfits! Enjoy! :-)

One year blogging: New beginnings?

Posted on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

So on Friday 17th July 2015, it was exactly one year since I started a blog!

If someone would've told me the things I'd accomplished in my gap year since then, I wouldn't have believed them...

It's quite appropriate that I've hit this milestone 'cause I've now decided to start a YouTube channel WOOHOO!

YouTube is the place where I discovered the first 'online influencers' (back in '08). It's also fuelled my interest in fashion, been a source of entertainment, and much more.

I've also met my favourite YouTubers like a gazillion times!

After going to Beautycon, (see here), it hit me that I've been so invested in the YouTube community but don't have a channel myself...? So after some 'planning', two holidays and the arrival of my MacBook Pro (i.e. iMovie), I'm FINALLY publishing my first video!

Will I still be blogging?

YES! Although I will now be publishing weekly videos, I'll still be blogging alongside that. Some of those posts may be videos, depending on the context! I'll also be posting more Photography/Creative Direction things on here. But, I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it goes...

And finally, if you haven't already, SUBSCRIBE! :-) And stay tuned for for more content...

P.S. Allow the awkwardness in this video, I'm still adjusting to this whole 'talking to a camera in your bedroom' kind of thing haha.

So kids, those are my two summer creative projects - my pop-up shop and my YouTube channel. Unique to interning, but still fun, creative and DIFFERENT - which is what I desired for the end of my gap year...

Until next time,

Made for Moda

Posted on Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Remember in that blog post, like 8 weeks ago, where I mentioned that I wanted to create something?

Well, after much trial and error, I've finally done so!

After interning at a small business (Vecchio Vintage) in December 2014, the idea of creating and selling something has always been lingering in the back of my mind... A few months later, I figured out that I want to involve myself in something NEW and FRESH for the end of my gap year - a creative business perhaps? It took a lot longer than anticipated, maybe due to the fact that I have no formal design training (other than Textiles GCSE lol), but it's finally here!

Every season there are clothing trends - whether that be distressed denim, leather tassels, lace - but they're only limited to one medium (e.g. distressed denim - jeans), (fringe tassels - jacket) etc.

'Made for Moda' is merging clothing trends with accessories - the first of a series of designs being 'The Distressed Denim Drawstring Bag'.

After all, since when have you seen Distressed Denim on anything other than jeans or shorts?

The Distressed Denim Drawstring Bag is a handmade, limited edition, drawstring bag, made & inspired by fashion, perfect for all purposes - whether that be just as a casual/everyday bag or for travelling etc.

 The bag is also fully lined with denim fabric, for extra protection of your items and so stuff won't fall through the distressed denim holes! Above all, it's designed to complement your favourite outfits!

The brand tagline is 'Inspired by fashion. Made for fashion' - meaning the accessories are inspired by fashion trends but they also complement the clothes you're wearing. Hope that sums up what Made for Moda is about!

I also plan to release more designs throughout the summer to create a range so do stay tuned :-)

I'm starting it off as a summer pop-up shop (a temporary shop), as I am going to university in September, but I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where it goes!

You can buy the product on Made for Moda's Etsy shop and it also has an Instagram (@madeformoda) & Twitter (@madeformoda) for general updates/behind the scenes pics. 

Much love,