A Trip to the West Country

Posted on Saturday, 30 May 2015

So if you didn't see on my Instagram already, I went to Bristol & Bath this week to visit my sister. I took some snaps along the way, so I thought I'd compose a lil' photo diary for the blog:

Bath Abbey
View of the countryside from Royal Victoria Park (Bath)
My sister - spotted a photo moment here haha
The Royal Crescent (Bath)
Was pretty cool watching a hot air balloon go up
Typical full English breakfast at the Boston Tea Party cafe
Grafitti art in Bristol
Bristol Cathedral
This post pretty much confirms that there's more to the UK than just London, lol!

It was also nice to get out of the city for a while and have a break from the usual routine. 

Hope you enjoyed this more lifestyle-y post, until next time :-)

Beautycon London 2015

Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015

So first off, I just want to apologise for the lack of posting recently; I've been trying to figure out my brand, my new upcoming creative project and just my life in general to be honest...

Anywayyy, I went to my first ever Beautycon convention this Saturday. For those that don't know, it's an event which unites Youtubers, brands and all things beauty! It's also gives viewers a chance to meet their favorite Youtube gurus.

It usually takes place in NYC and LA so when I found out it was coming to London (only half an hour away from me to be precise), I almost died!

Met some lovely girls during  the event!
I met so many of my fave YouTubers, including Tasha Green (below), Pretty Sickly, Beautycrush, Patricia Bright & more!

Was lovely seeing Tasha for the 3rd time lol!

The lovely Patricia 
 I also went to a number panels from the content creators themselves:

(From left): HelloOctoberXO, Aidan Alexander, Amy Pham from The Platform, Fleur de Force, Lana and Caroline Hirons
The lovely Shirley

A cheeky OOTD: Jacket: H&M | Skirt: Missguided | Boots: Office | Necklace, Top & Bag: Primark
I'd actually met a lot of my fave YouTubers prior to Beautycon, some of them even recognised me from when we'd met before! Which was crazy! But, the ultimate reason why I even came to Beautycon was to meet Claire Marshall (a.k.a HeyClaire). It's weird 'cause I first subscribed to her so casually, and had no idea how much I'd come to love her channel!

Words can't describe how much of an inspiration Claire (right) has been, when it comes to fashion, life and just everything! I also met Amelia Liana (left), I don't watch her but she was a lovely person all the same :)

Overall, Beautycon was SO GOOD! Money well spent! I actually felt really inspired to start my own YT channel...no promises but definitely considering it...

Btw, if I look really awkward in this photos, I was! Due to all the excitement/nervousness of meeting my faves IRL!

Until the next post,

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What makes you 'tríll?'

Posted on Friday, 8 May 2015

So I was interviewed by my friend Taylor recently, who I met at Teen Vogue Fashion University, for a feature on her website trillvoices.com! Here are the questions, answers and photos from the interview:

Top: Missguided 
Where do you find inspiration?

London – my home-town. It’s so diverse – from the people who inhabit it, to the different areas within the city and of course the unique personal style – particularly in Central London.

I also take a lot of inspiration from bloggers, Youtubers and online influencers. The content they’ve shared over the years has impacted me in many ways and fueled my interest in fashion!

Jacket: H&M
You never leave the house without your…?

iPhone, Oyster card and house keys! Three essentials that I need to 1) connect with the world 2) get about town and 3) get back into the house!

Jeans: Topshop
What stands out more, the clothes or the person wearing them?

I would say the clothes, because to me great fashion is like art – heavily aesthetic, visually pleasing and it really can catch your attention – unless you have a really eye-catching face, on point makeup skills, or other feature that stands out more than the clothes.

Watch: New Look | Necklace: H&M
Dress to impress who?

Myself! I think it’s so important to wear what you want and feel most comfortable in. I don’t agree with wearing something to fit in or seek approval from others because fashion should represent who you are, not anyone else! 

Chelsea Boots: Office
What makes you trill?

I’m trill because I harness my creativity to be myself, do what I love and follow my passions – from my personal style to creative direction projects and more!

I saw a quote in i-D magazine the other day; “creativity is the greatest form rebellion” which resonated strongly with me as creativity allows you to break free from what others think of you, not to conform to society’s standards and to show off what makes you different.

Photography: Me! (I live in the most suburban London town ever but found this amazing red brick wall for photos!! Reminds me of the 'pink wall' in L.A but red obviously)

Thanks for reading guys!

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