We're not in Kansas anymore

Posted on Monday, 6 April 2015

But we're still in London!

Coat: Topshop (similar here) | Cropped sweatshirt: H&M

'Mom' Jeans: Topshop

High top Converse: My sister's (Office)

How gorgeous is this place?

It's York House, Twickenham (South West London to be exact).

I met up with my friend Edita, a few weeks ago when we took these photos.

It was a gorgeous Spring day in London and I was introduced to a beautiful garden down by the River Thames. Remember London Calling? On the same river, but about 8 miles West.

Although the beauty of the place contrasts with my very casual outfit (see the caption links to purchase the OOTD items), I was at ease with nature.

This is what I love about London, how you can 'be familiar' with an area of the city but still not be familiar with it at the same time. There are so many 'hidden treasures' to discover/see! As I've grown up, I've really learnt to appreciate the amount of stuff and opportunity available in London.

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