The City

Posted on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

You see New York in films, TV, books, everywhere! It's basically a film set, lol.

But seeing it in real life was surreal! Everyone should take a trip to NYC in their lifetime if possible. Here are my 'touristy' photos from the trip:

First stop - Grand Central Station: who knew a station could be so architecturally stunning? And have an Apple Store?!
Friday: Central Park

Sunday: Washington Square Park
Somewhat of an OOTD? Was dressing purely for practicality was FREEZING!
SoHo architecture

Trendy artwork in TriBeCa

View of the Empire State Building from the High Line
Saying goodbye to NYC one last time...view of the Manhattan skyline en route to JFK

So that's it, my trip to NYC in two (maybe three, if you count NYC travel essentials) blog-posts.

So sad that it's over, but so grateful that it happened :')

However, I still feel like there's so much more of the City to see! Damn, I still haven't even seen all of London, my hometown. (Yes it's that big!)

I'm sure I'll be back in New York one day though, when the time is right.

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