LFW AW15: Backstage at Danielle Romeril

Posted on Thursday, 26 February 2015

On Saturday 21st January, I was backstage at the Danielle Romeril show, assisting with the model lineup following the model casting (see here).

The first time I was backstage at a LFW show was at Kristian Aadnevik last season.

Therefore, I more or less knew what to expect for this one. Of course, I had to be the blogger that I am and take photos for internet sharing! Here are the pictures:

The model board - photo taken during castings
Backstage - at the clothing racks
The model line-up
Last minute make-up touch-up

Panorama shot
Goodbye Somerset House - until next season!
Being backstage can sometimes be better than the show itself! There's so much creative energy flowing prior to the show - from the hair/makeup team, to the aspiring fashionistas (i.e. me), the models themselves, the backstage photographers and more! Everyone unites for one single purpose and it's so exciting to see these final moments before the designer releases their collection to the world! It was funny also, 'cause I recognised one of the models at this show from the Kristian Aadnevik show I was at backstage last season. It's a small world...

I also realised how important the model line-up is (the part I was assisting with) as each model wears a different look that the designer wants to present in a specific order/way. From seeing over 200 girls at the casting, (only 3 days before) to the final girls being chosen to represent the collection was also an interesting process to witness!

Until the next post!

LFW AW15: Model pretty?

Posted on Monday, 23 February 2015

So, it's that time of the year again!

London Fashion Week!!! Woooohoooo *claps hands*

I spent the majority of January 'hustling', in other words: looking for LFW opportunities. 

Because I did SO much during LFW in September (SS15); I met my favourite bloggers of all-time, snuck into like 5 shows, did street style photography and more (read about it here), I thought, how could I make this LFW even better? How could I progress and go onto the next stage?

I wanted to do something different to what I did in September; something new, fresh and exciting!!

Although I was offered front-of-house/backstage/PR assisting work on my opportunity search, I didn't feel like I was 'progressing' by doing this as I'd done this field of work before.

So I focused my attention to a different area of the industry: model casting. 

After much hard work, cover letter writing and persistence, I was lucky enough to gain a casting assistant position with Megan McCluskie - bookings editor of Harper Bazaar UK :') 

I assisted Megan for the Danielle Romeril LFW show; we had to photograph the girls from all angles (face on, profile, full length) in order for the designer to decide on her favourite models. In total around 200 girls, from the top London agencies, came to the casting! Here are some of the pictures:

I'm not gonna lie, I don't think all models are breathtakingly gorgeous. After participating in LFW for 3 seasons almost, I've realised that most models have a particular look or unique set of features, aside from being tall and thin, which make them models. "Model pretty" you could say. Sometimes this translates as being genuinely pretty (e.g. Jourdan Dunn Sasha Luss, Barbara Palvin) other times just 'unique' looking (e.g. Lily McMenamy, Lindsey Wixon, Binx Walton) but not necessarily beautiful?

But what is beauty?

I might just be rambling here, but I guess you just have to look different from the majority. Starting off with being tall and slim, having symmetrical features and of course high cheekbones would help too. Having an eye-catching face will make the reader/audience look at the editorial or ad campaign and thus buy the clothing item. After all, fashion is a business. 

And if you fulfil all this criteria to the max, you become a supermodel!

Anyway, aside from what a model looks like, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the casting; photographing the models, seeing so many models in one room in the space of a few hours, liaising with the model agencies for bookings, and genuinely gaining an insight into how it works! It was a unique experience and it's safe to say I 'progressed' on my LFW journey.

On Saturday I was backstage at the actual show assisting with the model-line up! Stay tuned for more #LFW posts!
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London Calling

Posted on Wednesday, 11 February 2015

So about 2 weeks I did a photo-shoot with my favourite model!

Let me tell you a lil' story...when I studied Photography in school, I needed a model for my photos.

I started off by using friends and people that I knew but one day I thought I'd try something a bit different...

There was a girl in the year below, who I thought had the right image for my photos. It sounds weird but I'd seen her around in school, now and then, so I thought why not just go up to her and ask her to model? It's not really the 'done thing' to do but sometimes defying logic can be the quickest way to success.

So I asked randomly in the common room, she said yes, and the rest is history!

Leather jacket: Matalan | Bodycon Dress: Topshop | 
Knee high socks: TKMaxx | Boots: Primark
Trench coat: Primark
Jumper: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop

Styling, makeup, creative direction, location scouting, editing: Rebecca Cofie

Overall, I'm really happy with how these photos turned out! I shot the photos in a 'hidden' London location - Battersea Bridge/Chelsea Embankment/Battersea Park. I call it 'hidden' as I'd never really ventured into this area until I did this shoot, and I'm so glad I did 'cause it's so picturesque and visually stunning, especially on a nice sunny winters' day. Perfect for a photo-shoot!

I experimented with my camera settings to match the lighting and it worked really well, especially for the first few photos where the background is slightly blurred. It's supposed to be fashion photography, but I personally think the portrait shots turned out the best for this set.