Teen Vogue!

Posted on Monday, 19 January 2015

I've been a loyal subscriber to Teen Vogue for about 2 and a half years now.

I'm pretty sure that reading the publication every month contributed to my interest in fashion, which led to quite an accumulation of Teen Vogue magazines!

A photoshoot of mine about the Fashion Media industry- a lot of Teen Vogue magazines as you can see! More photography at www.rebeccacofie.squarespace.com
1st edition: published 2008
When I was about 15/16, I picked up the first Teen Vogue Handbook which featured interviews/success stories/tips from a variety of top industry professionals such as Anna Wintour, Bruce Weber and more....The handbook was a huge eye-opener to the working fashion industry and the variety of jobs within it (other than fashion design). Since then, I've referred to the book whenever I need inspiration, motivation or just entertainment haha!

Anyway, recently they came out with an updated edition (published Nov 2014) of the Teen Vogue Handbook, which reflects how the industry has changed over the years. They now have a 'digital' section featuring interviews from bloggers (e.g. Michelle Phan), entrepreneurs (e.g. Sophia Amoroso, Natalie Massenet), street-style photographers and more! All the other sections (Designers, Stylists, Photographers, Model, Beauty Artists and Editors) have 90% updated content also! The handbook also includes a FREE one-year subscription to Teen Vogue magazine!

And you can have the updated edition today!!!!!! I ordered a copy, not knowing that my Mum had bought one for me as a Christmas present as well, so now I have 2 copies, one of which I'm selling as I don't need both:

This is especially useful as they only sell the updated edition on Amazon.com, so for any readers that want to buy it from a UK destination (which may reduce delivery time/cost, depending on where you're based) you can do! I'm also selling it at a reasonable price (£10.00) with FREE Post & Packaging, or you could even place a bid to get it for a cheaper deal...gogogo!

*This product has now been sold as of 21/01/15

Vecchio Vintage Photoshoot

Posted on Monday, 12 January 2015

Hey hey hey!

As promised in my last post, I mentioned that I had an exciting upcoming photo-shoot to share. I gained an internship in December with Vecchio Vintage, an online vintage retailer that has pop-up stores in various locations every now and then! I did a variety of tasks, including a photo-shoot showcasing the clothes:

After editing and narrowing them down, here are some of the final images:

Coat: http://vecchiovintage.com/shop/jackets-and-coats/brown-snakeskin-printed-mac/
Rings: http://www.usfashionsource.com/#!mh/c1k4q

Headcrown: http://www.usfashionsource.com/#!product/prd1/2902685921/circlet-vintage-headpiece
Dress: http://vecchiovintage.com/shop/dresses/long-purple-tina-warren-gown-with-knitted-details/

Photography: Rebecca Cofie
Art Direction: Rebecca Cofie
Styling: Sharmina Rahman/Rebecca Cofie
Makeup: Sharmina Rahman
Model: Caitlin at FCM Model Management

I was extremely grateful for this internship, as I was able to direct a photo-shoot for a brand (with the help of Vecchio Vintage founder, Sharmina Rahman) - from the styling, to location scouting, model casting and more! Fashion art-direction in its purest form!! And this is basically my career goal in life - to be a fashion art or creative director who creates fashion imagery for brands or magazines woohoo!

Vecchio Vintage is a wonderful brand, with amazing vintage clothing from Italy and Paris! I'm so blessed to have been able to intern with them. Do check them out at www.vecchiovintage.com.  They're also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so follow them there :-) gogogo! I've also linked the items that are available online in the photo captions above ^ The rings/headcrown are also designed by Marianna Harutunian, an acclaimed celebrity jewellery designer!

Until next time,
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P.S. You can see more of my fashion photography at www.rebeccacofie.squarespace.com