Berlin: Zalando Blogger Photoshoot

Posted on Monday, 17 November 2014

So if you didn't already know, I went to Berlin a couple weeks ago as my friend Edita won the People's Choice prize for the Zalando Blogger Awards (see my day 1 OOTD here)!

We did a photoshoot on the second day - here are some pics from the set; we got to choose our own clothes and our hair/makeup was done by a professional:

Now here are the photoshoot pictures:

with Edita

My outfit (styled by yours truly! ) - Jumper: Vero Moda | Trousers: Comma, | Shoes: Buffalo London
Grateful is not even the word to describe it!!!!! I came into this gap year thinking I'd be doing fashion photography, blogging etc and more but to be able to go abroad was just surreal!!! I'm so thankful to Edita for choosing me as her plus one but also to the Zalando team for being so welcoming when we arrived! And can we get a round of applause to Edita for winning the award too!

Cheers to more amazing things like this happening in my gap year,
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'Cause we never go out of style

Posted on Thursday, 13 November 2014

And I'm back with another OOTD woooo!!! I've been wearing this outfit pretty regularly recently - all courtesy of the high street, would you believe?

Jumper dress: H&M | Trench: Primark | Bag: Topshop | Loafers: Dune
I never thought I'd be one for a turtle neck but apparently I am...and it happens to go perfectly with my Primark trench I got a few weeks back, my sister's brown bag and an old pair of loafers which I never wear!

You could also count the invisible tights I'm wearing lol....

On a side note, you don't know much potential your local area has as a shooting location until you try! The lamp-post/colours/nature perfectly complement my outfit, and I'll definitely be doing more OOTDs here as a result! 

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P.S The Zalando photoshoot images from my Berlin trip have now come in, stay tuned for those :-)

Berlin OOTD!

Posted on Tuesday, 4 November 2014

So first of all, can I just apologise for the lack of posts recently...I've been so busy applying for internships, had to go Manchester recently as well to visit family and then the next thing you know, it's been 3 weeks since I put up a blog post! *hides face in shame*

Anyway, for the millionth time in this gap year, the impossible happened...

I got to go to Berlin, courtesy of Zalando, the German online retailer!!!

How, may you ask?

My lovely friend, Edita from won the People's Choice Award for the Zalando Blogger Awards! Well done to her! The prize was a 2 day trip to Berlin where the awards were presented, a photoshoot and dinner with the other bloggers from France and Spain. Edita was able to bring a plus one and she chose me! :') #forevergrateful

Now for a quick OOTD from my day 1 outfit:

Sweatshirt: H&M | Leather shorts: H&M | Shoes & bag: Topshop | Fur jacket (above): Primark
H&M's new Autumn/Winter collection is pretty good! I did a bit of high street shopping before I went and I was surprised by the goodies that H&M had to offer (in this case the shorts and sweatshirt), at decent prices as well!

We also did a professional photoshoot with Zalando on the second day, the photos should be available soon, so stay tuned for those :-)

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