My TV Appearance!

Posted on Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello! During the summer, I decided to enter the #FashionHappy film competition hosted by Westfield and the Evening Standard.

I first found out about the competition when Lily Melrose (blogger and YouTuber) uploaded a video about it. I actually met her at Fashion Week!

The brief was to create a short film to show what makes you #FashionHappy - this could be about your personal style, your fashions icons etc....Anyway, I decided to do a film on the Fashion Media (fashion blogs, magazines, fashion promotion stuff....) :

Click here to see more of my photography work!

Although I didn't win, I was featured on LondonLive a few days ago, as part of the competition TV series! I was in the episode where the judges talked about some of the entries - you can watch the episode here:

On the other hand, it was NOT easy to get on TV I'm telling you!! First of all, I was using Windows Movie Maker for Windows 8 and it crashed about a gazillon times, I almost lost my work and even when I finished it couldn't save my file to MP4 format. I was this close to giving up!! But I found a solution 'cause I kept on going! And look where I am today? (see link above). So it just goes to show that any sort of success is not easy, I had so many setbacks with this project...and my mum wouldn't even let me use her Mac for iMovie :( But it did work out in the end due to much perseverance....

  1. How amazing! Congrats for being on TV with your film :-)
    And it's so cool that you've met Lily at Fashion Week.