Primark Haul + Blogging Masterclass!

Posted on Sunday, 12 October 2014

So in the run up to LFW, I was searching for fashion week opportunities to get involved in. During my search, I discovered the 'Oxford Street Fashion Showcase', where a selection of shops on London's famous Oxford Street hosted different fashion events. I applied to a variety of different shops (Primark, Topshop, Oasis...can't remember the rest...), not really thinking about it.

On Friday 12th September, I found out I got into the Primark showcase which was a blogging masterclass with Victoria from In The Frow, a bag of AW14 Primark goodies, a chance to see the new AW14 collection and an £100 Primark gift voucher! I actually got the email on the train, on the way home after the first day of fashion week!

Shocked was an understatement. 

To have an amazing start to LFW, then to get the email that I had won this (especially considering I applied on a complete whim) was surreal...I'm just SO grateful!

Victoria on the right
About a week or so after, I splashed the cash (or voucher should I say) in Primark! I spent about 2 hours in there but boy was it worth it! Here are a variety of outfits from the past week which feature my Primark purchases:

Firstly, I bought a longline blazer...

Blazer & Crop Top: Primark | Shoes, jeans and bag: Topshop
a fur jacket and boots...

Fur jacket & boots: Primark | Dress and bag : Topshop - how perf are the shadows/lighting in this?
and lastly a 'floppy' trench coat...

Trench: Primark | Jumper: Zara | Boots and bag: Topshop
Overall, I'm rather happy with my purchases! I realised soon after that they're all jackets/coats, but they are necessary, especially now the weather's dropped suddenly after the 'Indian summer' we had in September.

I plan to do a few more OOTDs/posts with highly visual outfit content now I've found the perfect place to shoot them in my local area. Until next time!

My TV Appearance!

Posted on Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello! During the summer, I decided to enter the #FashionHappy film competition hosted by Westfield and the Evening Standard.

I first found out about the competition when Lily Melrose (blogger and YouTuber) uploaded a video about it. I actually met her at Fashion Week!

The brief was to create a short film to show what makes you #FashionHappy - this could be about your personal style, your fashions icons etc....Anyway, I decided to do a film on the Fashion Media (fashion blogs, magazines, fashion promotion stuff....) :

Click here to see more of my photography work!

Although I didn't win, I was featured on LondonLive a few days ago, as part of the competition TV series! I was in the episode where the judges talked about some of the entries - you can watch the episode here:

On the other hand, it was NOT easy to get on TV I'm telling you!! First of all, I was using Windows Movie Maker for Windows 8 and it crashed about a gazillon times, I almost lost my work and even when I finished it couldn't save my file to MP4 format. I was this close to giving up!! But I found a solution 'cause I kept on going! And look where I am today? (see link above). So it just goes to show that any sort of success is not easy, I had so many setbacks with this project...and my mum wouldn't even let me use her Mac for iMovie :( But it did work out in the end due to much perseverance....