LFW SS15 Day 5 - Digital Talk ft. Henry Holland, More Street Style & H by Hakaan Yildirim Show

Posted on Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I didn't have any activities planned for Day 4 of LFW (Monday 15th September) so the final day I went was Day 5 (Tuesday 16th September). It was another amazing day - I met some great people, learnt about the fashion industry and got to see the last show of the season (woohoo!)

The first activity I planned was the '#LFW Digital Talk: Where do you draw the line between commerciality and creativity?' featuring Henry Holland, Sasha Wilkins from Liberty London Girl, Remi Paringaux from Meri Media and more! It was extremely informative for me, considering that I aspire to work in the creative industries (fashion/fashion photography).

Taken with my iPhone 4S
I met up with Edita again and we did some street style, hung around in the courtyard for a bit and did some outfit photos!

Clothing items: All H&M | Bag: Topshop
Not gonna lie, I chose this outfit in about 1 minute the night before - but I guess it looked sort of decent in the end? I also took a few street style shots for Edita too:

We both happened to be wearing pink and black coincidentally!
The next event that happened was another miracle...I got into H by Hakaan Yildirim - the last show of the season! Seeing as I got into a presentation without a ticket on day 2, why not try the last one in the BFC Courtyard Show Space? 'Cause if you never try, you'll never know! 

Edita had a ticket already so I queued with her. Funnily enough, some other people without tickets came behind us in the queue in the hopes of getting in as well. The security guards began to usher people in but were explicitly saying 'invitation only'. They pulled me to one side as I didn't have an invitation, along with the people without tickets behind us.

Long story short, one guy without tickets managed to sweet talk one of the security guards and I was in! It was an intense 3 minutes, but it just goes to show you can do anything even if the odds are against you LOL.

The clothes in Hakaan Yildirim were very structured as if they were inspired by shapes or patterns in nature. For instance, the hexagonal structures on the dress on the right were seen on many of the garments in the collection, similar to a bee hive pattern.

I also liked the hats that the models were wearing - in particular the long baseball caps seen on the models in the centre. We'll probably be seeing more of this trend in Spring/Summer 2015! Funnily enough, I also saw Louise walking in this show, who I met backstage at Kristian Aadnevik (as seen in my last post, a few days before). What a coincidence!

Last picture taken in Somerset House courtyard
Overall, it was an AMAZING London Fashion Week!! I miss it already :(( I met so many great people, networked, promoted myself, went to incredible shows...it was probably one of the highlights of the year! Some of what happened I planned for (volunteering at Kristian Aadnevik, booking the LFW digital talk which was open to the public and doing street style) but I never, never expected to meet my favourite bloggers that I've followed online for years, go to 3 shows (thanks to Edita, who I just thought I'd meet for coffee and that would be it) and more...writing this now, I still can't believe it! I'm just SO grateful!!! They say that the best times in your life happen unexpectedly...well this sure did!! I also want to say thank you for everyone that's been reading/commenting on my posts! 

During LFW, I also found out I won a blogging masterclass with Victoria from @inthefrow and was featured on TV! This sounds crazy writing it out! So stay tuned for more blog posts on those events :)

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