LFW SS15 Day 3 - Backstage at the Kristian Aadnevik Show

Posted on Friday, 19 September 2014

I was actually supposed to be on an internship this month (as mentioned in my Burberry AW14 Campaign post), but that got pushed back to October. Therefore, I began to search for LFW opportunities instead. One opportunity which arised was to be a volunteer at the Kristian Aadnevik SS15 show. Tasks included; assisting the PR team, unpacking/packing the collection away, filling goody bags, dressing the models and more! I arrived at 5.30pm and met a group of other volunteers - most of whom were lovely! I had my iPhone in my back pocket (I couldn't exactly carry around my heavy DSLR when I was doing a job) to take  some snaps of the event.

I recognised one of the models here - Cheyenne Carty (third from left) from ASOS, the Westfield campaign and more!
The evening started off with goody bags - straight from the Moroccan Oil headquarters! The artistic director of the company was also there assisting with the hair department. However, our role was to fill the goody bags with specific products and arrange them on the seats:

If only the volunteers were able to take home these too :(
After using my initiative and trying to be as helpful as possible to the Kristian Aadnevik team (hint for anyone interning), I was luckily chosen to be a dresser for the models (all from Elite)! Now this is where the fun began! My model was Shea Thompson-Blake, a mixed beauty from Manchester. She had three outfits (all white/gold themed) - a babydoll dress, a heavy, Chanel-like jacket to go with it and a long, white sweeping dress. 

The gold parts were metal - this made the jacket, in particular, quite heavy!
If I'm completely honest, most of the evening was spent waiting around for Shea to come from hair/makeup to try on her clothes but this is where I learnt the most because I was in the heart of the backstage madness.

Love these iPhone panoramas ;)
When other models were trying on their clothes, all attention was upon them, and the specialists rushed to them in case anything needed adjusting.

There was a specialist team going around with small pieces of fabric, pliers and more for these adjustments. Let me tell you - they were very good at what they did! It's like they changed the sizing of the garment - and allowed the model to breathe if it was constricted. As this work wasn't necessary for my own model, I was closest to this when the model (Louise Byrne) next to me was getting fitted by her dresser.

I got talking with Louise and her dresser and they were both lovely! It's so interesting how such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds come together for one event.

Louise Byrne (I got her to do a 'model' pose haha)
After much chatting with other volunteers, taking photos and waiting around, I finally fitted my own model, Shea, in each of her three garments. They all fit perfectly, but it was the shoes that were the biggest hassle (despite them being a size too large for her apparently). 

Chey (Cheyenne) and Shea
Finally, all the models were fitted and ready for the show! There were cameras snapping away everywhere (including my own iPhone 4S), the atmosphere was buzzing as the models were ready to walk! I would actually wear all the dresses myself - they all looked gorgeous!

All the models with the artistic director of Moroccan Oil in the middle
Here's a final video clip of the models queuing up for the catwalk:

This part was particularly stressful as you had to make sure the model changed into her next outfit as fast as possible. I'd watched this on TV for so many years and I was finally doing it myself! Crazy! All I had to do was put a jacket on Shea (thank God) and the heels were already on her so the change was easy.

So that was the evening of day 3! I had to wear all-black so no fancy outfit for me today. It was an incredible experience - I felt like I learnt more there than I would've at any fashion school or course. I also met fellow photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models and people in my industry, you know?  The next LFW post up will be day 5.

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Stay tuned! 

  1. This looks like such an amazing experience! Must of been so cool for you to meet all of those people backstage- I'd love to do that!

    Stop by my blog sometime, I'd really love that!

    -Magenta XOXOX

    1. Yeah, I know right? It was weird seeing models in real life, when I usually see them on TV or in magazines...

      Will do!

  2. Sounds like such a great job, and a good way to get into fashion week when you're not invited to any show and you don't want to spent a fortune to go there :-)
    Lovely pictures too!


    1. Exactly! Hopefully next time it'll be paid haha! But still, it was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change anything!

  3. Fab clothes! :)