LFW SS15 Day 2 - Antipodium Presentation, Meadham Kirchoff Casting Call & Fashion International Showcase

Posted on Monday, 15 September 2014

The night before fashion week commenced I wrote a plan, detailing what I was going to do on each day. At the top of this plan, I wrote "Allow room for the unexpected" and most of what happened today was unexpected!

Firstly, I went to the Antipodium presentation with Edita (www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk). We went to another presentation (Faustine Steinmetz) yesterday and I just walked in (without a ticket lol!) but Edita had one. However, this time at Antipodium they were checking tickets! My heart was beating as I got closer to the entrance. They asked Edita "Do you have your ticket?", she got it out and they let her through, with me right on her tail with no ticket. I breathed a sigh of relief as I got through the door. That sounds like a scene from a movie almost! It may sound shady, but to be fair, they get free press (from me reporting on the show) and I get another LFW experience! So we all win :)

Once I got through, I fell in love with the clothes! They were my style, wearable and styled really well...

Guess who on the right?
Overall, the clothes had a very 90s feel to them. Double denim, off-the-shoulder crop tops, Jesus sandals! But as I mentioned in my 'Discovering My Personal Style' post, I have an inclination to the 90s/grunge era so obviously I'm going to like them. The whole 'Jesus sandals' thing reminds me of the Birkenstock trend (which was popular this Spring/Summer) so who knows, that trend could repeat itself in SS15? The colours were neutral, soft and simple...no popping brights like we usually see in summer! Overall, I give the collection an 8/10.

Next up, the Meadham Kirchoff Casting Call. When I was preparing for LFW last week, I ran across this flyer on Twitter:

It says 'typical model looks not required' and to be honest walking in a LFW show would be an amazing opportunity! So why not? I went down with Edita to East London. Even though I'm a Londoner, the furthest I've been in the East End is Shoreditch/Brick Lane area so going through the streets of East London via the Overground was pretty cool. Although apparently at night it's rough....

The typical 'fashion crowd' was there as usual...plenty of edgy, quirky people. It may have been what Meadham Kirchoff were looking for but who knows? The queue was very, very long though (as you can see in the background) and I waited for over an hour. After I got into the showroom, I was asked to do a mugshot and then a catwalk. I was pretty much walking normally to be honest ('cause I didn't really know how to walk) but the high boots I was wearing really helped. I also got to see one of the designers when I was queuing! They said they'd get back to me by Monday if I got it...so fingers crossed! (publishing this now, I probably didn't get it, but at least I tried, right?)

After much rushing around London to try and find a charging point for my phone, I got to attend the Fashion International Showcase (thanks to Edita again woohoo!). She was walking in the show so I was her photographer...I moved like 3 times to get decent photos but I think it worked out in the end! The designs were amazing, I much preferred them to the AW14 show in February:

Designer: Omar Mansoor
At this point, I moved to the photographers' pit, luckily, as this was my favourite designer, so I was able to take the best photos here! The Fashion International Showcase features a wide variety of designers - Omar Mansoor, in particular, stood out for me, due to his elegant, classy dresses - most of which I would wear! (e.g. to prom or something). Edita (on the far left) also looked stunning in her red dress - I particularly like the pleated detail at the top of the garment. Other standout designers at the showcase included, Valdini Angels and Delna Poonawalla:

Left: Delna Poonawalla, Right: Valdini Angels
Overall, it was another amazing day at LFW! I did mainly shows and presentations but once again it was a great experience! On Day 3, I'll be volunteering backstage at the Kristian Aadnevik show (no ticket needed haha), so stay tuned for that! You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more coverage/behind the scenes/stuff you don't get to see on the blog at:

See you next time!

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