LFW SS15 Day 1 - Street Style

Posted on Saturday, 13 September 2014

So I attended London Fashion Week on the first day to do street-style photography. I did the same thing in February 2014  - no invite or anything! In fact, you can just walk into the courtyard and people-watch (but you won't get into any shows if you don't have a ticket). In February, I met fashion blogger Edita (www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk) who got me into the photographers' pit of a fashion week show! It was amazing, seeing as I just turned up to do street style. However, this time it was even better than February, as my photography skills had improved and I also met more bloggers, YouTubers, internet people and even Millie Mackintosh! (from Made in Chelsea). Here are the photos:

(From left): (don't know the girl in the fur) @shoredelano from www.londons-closet.com, @lulutrixabelle from www.lulutrixabelle.com, @cheyennedavide from www.snoochieshy.com and @shopedelano from www.londons-closet.com

Dasha Gold from www.thetrendspotter.net

The lovely Edita from www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk who I met at February LFW

(from left):  @law1sfab from www.thatssoyestreday.blogspot.com, @bettyandbee from www.bettyandbee.com

@law1sfab from www.thatssoyestreday.blogspot.com

Do I even need to say? @susiebubble from www.stylebubble.co.uk

Not sure who this is but love what he's wearing!

@TheYoungEccentric from www.theyoungeccentric.blogspot.com

The lighting/shadows were perfect for this photo! Love the monochrome look being channelled here

This was a candid pose - where the subject didn't know that the shot was being taken and it worked out rather well!

@itsbeccarose from www.beccarose.org  on the right

Don't know who they are at all but I am in love with their outfits and how this is emphasised by them being in a group!
Overall, it was an amazing day at fashion week! I also got street-style snapped a few times (by Yahoo and Sunglass Hut), just waiting for them to go up so I can share them with you all :)

On a final note, I met Leomie Anderson, a model I've followed for a few years now who was on The Model Agency on Channel 4. Furthermore, I also met YouTuber Lily Melrose and more! (See my Twitter @beccacofie for photos). Gosh! If I'm completely honest, I can't believe my luck with it all. A few months ago I was doing my A-Levels (bleurgh) and by going out there and looking for opportunities, I'm getting results! Preparation meets opportunity. I also want to say thank you to the lovely Edita (above) who I met in February Fashion Week, as she is one of the reasons why I'm even writing this blog today.

You can see more of my photography from previous London Fashion Weeks and beyond at www.rebeccacofie.squarespace.com

Anyway, see you all soon in the next LFW post ^.^

  1. This is awesome! How I wish we have fashion week here in our country. Very jealous of you. I am a new reader/follower and I'm loving your blog. I hope you keep in touch.xoxo!

    Qing's Style

    1. Hopefully one day you'll get to attend as well! Aw thanks, I'll definitely be sure to check out your blog! :) x

  2. Love these pictures, especially the last one haha :-)


    1. thank youuu, yeah that particular group was so eye-catching! x