LFW SS15 Day 5 - Digital Talk ft. Henry Holland, More Street Style & H by Hakaan Yildirim Show

Posted on Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I didn't have any activities planned for Day 4 of LFW (Monday 15th September) so the final day I went was Day 5 (Tuesday 16th September). It was another amazing day - I met some great people, learnt about the fashion industry and got to see the last show of the season (woohoo!)

The first activity I planned was the '#LFW Digital Talk: Where do you draw the line between commerciality and creativity?' featuring Henry Holland, Sasha Wilkins from Liberty London Girl, Remi Paringaux from Meri Media and more! It was extremely informative for me, considering that I aspire to work in the creative industries (fashion/fashion photography).

Taken with my iPhone 4S
I met up with Edita again and we did some street style, hung around in the courtyard for a bit and did some outfit photos!

Clothing items: All H&M | Bag: Topshop
Not gonna lie, I chose this outfit in about 1 minute the night before - but I guess it looked sort of decent in the end? I also took a few street style shots for Edita too:

We both happened to be wearing pink and black coincidentally!
The next event that happened was another miracle...I got into H by Hakaan Yildirim - the last show of the season! Seeing as I got into a presentation without a ticket on day 2, why not try the last one in the BFC Courtyard Show Space? 'Cause if you never try, you'll never know! 

Edita had a ticket already so I queued with her. Funnily enough, some other people without tickets came behind us in the queue in the hopes of getting in as well. The security guards began to usher people in but were explicitly saying 'invitation only'. They pulled me to one side as I didn't have an invitation, along with the people without tickets behind us.

Long story short, one guy without tickets managed to sweet talk one of the security guards and I was in! It was an intense 3 minutes, but it just goes to show you can do anything even if the odds are against you LOL.

The clothes in Hakaan Yildirim were very structured as if they were inspired by shapes or patterns in nature. For instance, the hexagonal structures on the dress on the right were seen on many of the garments in the collection, similar to a bee hive pattern.

I also liked the hats that the models were wearing - in particular the long baseball caps seen on the models in the centre. We'll probably be seeing more of this trend in Spring/Summer 2015! Funnily enough, I also saw Louise walking in this show, who I met backstage at Kristian Aadnevik (as seen in my last post, a few days before). What a coincidence!

Last picture taken in Somerset House courtyard
Overall, it was an AMAZING London Fashion Week!! I miss it already :(( I met so many great people, networked, promoted myself, went to incredible shows...it was probably one of the highlights of the year! Some of what happened I planned for (volunteering at Kristian Aadnevik, booking the LFW digital talk which was open to the public and doing street style) but I never, never expected to meet my favourite bloggers that I've followed online for years, go to 3 shows (thanks to Edita, who I just thought I'd meet for coffee and that would be it) and more...writing this now, I still can't believe it! I'm just SO grateful!!! They say that the best times in your life happen unexpectedly...well this sure did!! I also want to say thank you for everyone that's been reading/commenting on my posts! 

During LFW, I also found out I won a blogging masterclass with Victoria from @inthefrow and was featured on TV! This sounds crazy writing it out! So stay tuned for more blog posts on those events :)

LFW SS15 Day 3 - Backstage at the Kristian Aadnevik Show

Posted on Friday, 19 September 2014

I was actually supposed to be on an internship this month (as mentioned in my Burberry AW14 Campaign post), but that got pushed back to October. Therefore, I began to search for LFW opportunities instead. One opportunity which arised was to be a volunteer at the Kristian Aadnevik SS15 show. Tasks included; assisting the PR team, unpacking/packing the collection away, filling goody bags, dressing the models and more! I arrived at 5.30pm and met a group of other volunteers - most of whom were lovely! I had my iPhone in my back pocket (I couldn't exactly carry around my heavy DSLR when I was doing a job) to take  some snaps of the event.

I recognised one of the models here - Cheyenne Carty (third from left) from ASOS, the Westfield campaign and more!
The evening started off with goody bags - straight from the Moroccan Oil headquarters! The artistic director of the company was also there assisting with the hair department. However, our role was to fill the goody bags with specific products and arrange them on the seats:

If only the volunteers were able to take home these too :(
After using my initiative and trying to be as helpful as possible to the Kristian Aadnevik team (hint for anyone interning), I was luckily chosen to be a dresser for the models (all from Elite)! Now this is where the fun began! My model was Shea Thompson-Blake, a mixed beauty from Manchester. She had three outfits (all white/gold themed) - a babydoll dress, a heavy, Chanel-like jacket to go with it and a long, white sweeping dress. 

The gold parts were metal - this made the jacket, in particular, quite heavy!
If I'm completely honest, most of the evening was spent waiting around for Shea to come from hair/makeup to try on her clothes but this is where I learnt the most because I was in the heart of the backstage madness.

Love these iPhone panoramas ;)
When other models were trying on their clothes, all attention was upon them, and the specialists rushed to them in case anything needed adjusting.

There was a specialist team going around with small pieces of fabric, pliers and more for these adjustments. Let me tell you - they were very good at what they did! It's like they changed the sizing of the garment - and allowed the model to breathe if it was constricted. As this work wasn't necessary for my own model, I was closest to this when the model (Louise Byrne) next to me was getting fitted by her dresser.

I got talking with Louise and her dresser and they were both lovely! It's so interesting how such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds come together for one event.

Louise Byrne (I got her to do a 'model' pose haha)
After much chatting with other volunteers, taking photos and waiting around, I finally fitted my own model, Shea, in each of her three garments. They all fit perfectly, but it was the shoes that were the biggest hassle (despite them being a size too large for her apparently). 

Chey (Cheyenne) and Shea
Finally, all the models were fitted and ready for the show! There were cameras snapping away everywhere (including my own iPhone 4S), the atmosphere was buzzing as the models were ready to walk! I would actually wear all the dresses myself - they all looked gorgeous!

All the models with the artistic director of Moroccan Oil in the middle
Here's a final video clip of the models queuing up for the catwalk:

This part was particularly stressful as you had to make sure the model changed into her next outfit as fast as possible. I'd watched this on TV for so many years and I was finally doing it myself! Crazy! All I had to do was put a jacket on Shea (thank God) and the heels were already on her so the change was easy.

So that was the evening of day 3! I had to wear all-black so no fancy outfit for me today. It was an incredible experience - I felt like I learnt more there than I would've at any fashion school or course. I also met fellow photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models and people in my industry, you know?  The next LFW post up will be day 5.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates :) 

Stay tuned! 

LFW SS15 Day 2 - Antipodium Presentation, Meadham Kirchoff Casting Call & Fashion International Showcase

Posted on Monday, 15 September 2014

The night before fashion week commenced I wrote a plan, detailing what I was going to do on each day. At the top of this plan, I wrote "Allow room for the unexpected" and most of what happened today was unexpected!

Firstly, I went to the Antipodium presentation with Edita (www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk). We went to another presentation (Faustine Steinmetz) yesterday and I just walked in (without a ticket lol!) but Edita had one. However, this time at Antipodium they were checking tickets! My heart was beating as I got closer to the entrance. They asked Edita "Do you have your ticket?", she got it out and they let her through, with me right on her tail with no ticket. I breathed a sigh of relief as I got through the door. That sounds like a scene from a movie almost! It may sound shady, but to be fair, they get free press (from me reporting on the show) and I get another LFW experience! So we all win :)

Once I got through, I fell in love with the clothes! They were my style, wearable and styled really well...

Guess who on the right?
Overall, the clothes had a very 90s feel to them. Double denim, off-the-shoulder crop tops, Jesus sandals! But as I mentioned in my 'Discovering My Personal Style' post, I have an inclination to the 90s/grunge era so obviously I'm going to like them. The whole 'Jesus sandals' thing reminds me of the Birkenstock trend (which was popular this Spring/Summer) so who knows, that trend could repeat itself in SS15? The colours were neutral, soft and simple...no popping brights like we usually see in summer! Overall, I give the collection an 8/10.

Next up, the Meadham Kirchoff Casting Call. When I was preparing for LFW last week, I ran across this flyer on Twitter:

It says 'typical model looks not required' and to be honest walking in a LFW show would be an amazing opportunity! So why not? I went down with Edita to East London. Even though I'm a Londoner, the furthest I've been in the East End is Shoreditch/Brick Lane area so going through the streets of East London via the Overground was pretty cool. Although apparently at night it's rough....

The typical 'fashion crowd' was there as usual...plenty of edgy, quirky people. It may have been what Meadham Kirchoff were looking for but who knows? The queue was very, very long though (as you can see in the background) and I waited for over an hour. After I got into the showroom, I was asked to do a mugshot and then a catwalk. I was pretty much walking normally to be honest ('cause I didn't really know how to walk) but the high boots I was wearing really helped. I also got to see one of the designers when I was queuing! They said they'd get back to me by Monday if I got it...so fingers crossed! (publishing this now, I probably didn't get it, but at least I tried, right?)

After much rushing around London to try and find a charging point for my phone, I got to attend the Fashion International Showcase (thanks to Edita again woohoo!). She was walking in the show so I was her photographer...I moved like 3 times to get decent photos but I think it worked out in the end! The designs were amazing, I much preferred them to the AW14 show in February:

Designer: Omar Mansoor
At this point, I moved to the photographers' pit, luckily, as this was my favourite designer, so I was able to take the best photos here! The Fashion International Showcase features a wide variety of designers - Omar Mansoor, in particular, stood out for me, due to his elegant, classy dresses - most of which I would wear! (e.g. to prom or something). Edita (on the far left) also looked stunning in her red dress - I particularly like the pleated detail at the top of the garment. Other standout designers at the showcase included, Valdini Angels and Delna Poonawalla:

Left: Delna Poonawalla, Right: Valdini Angels
Overall, it was another amazing day at LFW! I did mainly shows and presentations but once again it was a great experience! On Day 3, I'll be volunteering backstage at the Kristian Aadnevik show (no ticket needed haha), so stay tuned for that! You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more coverage/behind the scenes/stuff you don't get to see on the blog at:

See you next time!

LFW SS15 Day 1 - Street Style

Posted on Saturday, 13 September 2014

So I attended London Fashion Week on the first day to do street-style photography. I did the same thing in February 2014  - no invite or anything! In fact, you can just walk into the courtyard and people-watch (but you won't get into any shows if you don't have a ticket). In February, I met fashion blogger Edita (www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk) who got me into the photographers' pit of a fashion week show! It was amazing, seeing as I just turned up to do street style. However, this time it was even better than February, as my photography skills had improved and I also met more bloggers, YouTubers, internet people and even Millie Mackintosh! (from Made in Chelsea). Here are the photos:

(From left): (don't know the girl in the fur) @shoredelano from www.londons-closet.com, @lulutrixabelle from www.lulutrixabelle.com, @cheyennedavide from www.snoochieshy.com and @shopedelano from www.londons-closet.com

Dasha Gold from www.thetrendspotter.net

The lovely Edita from www.pret-a-reporter.co.uk who I met at February LFW

(from left):  @law1sfab from www.thatssoyestreday.blogspot.com, @bettyandbee from www.bettyandbee.com

@law1sfab from www.thatssoyestreday.blogspot.com

Do I even need to say? @susiebubble from www.stylebubble.co.uk

Not sure who this is but love what he's wearing!

@TheYoungEccentric from www.theyoungeccentric.blogspot.com

The lighting/shadows were perfect for this photo! Love the monochrome look being channelled here

This was a candid pose - where the subject didn't know that the shot was being taken and it worked out rather well!

@itsbeccarose from www.beccarose.org  on the right

Don't know who they are at all but I am in love with their outfits and how this is emphasised by them being in a group!
Overall, it was an amazing day at fashion week! I also got street-style snapped a few times (by Yahoo and Sunglass Hut), just waiting for them to go up so I can share them with you all :)

On a final note, I met Leomie Anderson, a model I've followed for a few years now who was on The Model Agency on Channel 4. Furthermore, I also met YouTuber Lily Melrose and more! (See my Twitter @beccacofie for photos). Gosh! If I'm completely honest, I can't believe my luck with it all. A few months ago I was doing my A-Levels (bleurgh) and by going out there and looking for opportunities, I'm getting results! Preparation meets opportunity. I also want to say thank you to the lovely Edita (above) who I met in February Fashion Week, as she is one of the reasons why I'm even writing this blog today.

You can see more of my photography from previous London Fashion Weeks and beyond at www.rebeccacofie.squarespace.com

Anyway, see you all soon in the next LFW post ^.^

Discovering My Personal Style

Posted on Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Style. It's what defines you. It's an extension of your personality.

I began to discover my own personal style throughout sixth form college (age 16 - 18) when we were finally allowed to wear our own clothes - as long as they weren't revealing or inappropriate. Throughout this time, I began to experiment with what I wore - also due to the influence of other fashion bloggers and YouTubers (e.g. Clothes Encounters, Beautycrush etc..) who were providing me with constant fashion inspiration.

I thought my style was 'a bit of everything' around that time, but looking back on it, I didn't actually know who I was or which style I was most inclined to. But I definitely knew that I didn't want to look like everyone else...especially in my school where certain friendship groups dressed the same.

The grunge/90s era was also coming back around this time, which is when I developed a bit of an 'obsession' with creepers. LOL those big, black shoes! I liked them 'cause they were different, cool and reflected my inner 'quirkiness'. Despite them practically deforming my feet at one point, I wore them throughout most of Autumn/Winter 2012-2013.

I also remember experimenting with a number of other clothing items. At one point I wore this pleated, white, knee length, lace skirt with black tights and creepers to go with it. I thought I was so cool (*facepalm*). I probably wouldn't wear that now but this is a prime example of me experimenting with different fashion styles. Here's a photo below (sorry it's blurry - had a Blackberry then lol) of me wearing this outfit, when I met one of my favourite YouTubers - Tasha Green.

Fast-forward to the present day and I think I've pretty much defined my personal style (for the moment anyway!). My absolute favourite stores are Topshop, Urban Outfitters & Missguided. These clothing brands all have one thing in common - they display a sort of edgy-chic, grungy fashion. Making frequent trips to Brick Lane (for the first time in AW12) and Camden throughout sixth form also contributed to my current fashion sense. Favourite pieces in this style include: mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, Doc Martens, Converse and anything tartan:

Grey & White Tartan shirt: Topshop | Bomber Jacket: Topshop| Blue Mom Jeans: Topshop | Converse: Office | Grey Jersey Dress: H&M | Red Tartan Shirt: H&M
Although my style isn't completely grunge, as you've seen in previous outfit posts, I was very much drawn to Jenn Im (from YouTube)'s 'Grunge Lookbook' video.

During my gap-year, I hope to develop this particular style further and add more of such items to my wardrobe (especially now I have a job!!) - which you'll be seeing in regular OOTDs.

Also, as a side note, I will now be blogging on a strict schedule twice a week - probably the weekend and mid-week, not confirmed what particular days yet but you'll definitely see me twice! I hadn't been able to blog previously because I was away (vacation photo diary coming shortly ^.^). I will also be doing #LFW posts and more so stay tuned!  Thank you to the two new people who followed me whilst I was away - it's very much appreciated :)

Was it easy finding your personal style? Comment below!